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Water Treatment Solutions

Water is a critical & important resource for any industry. Water needs to be treated before it is fed into the closed loop water circuit & hence measurement of critical parameter like pH, conductivity, Total Dissolved solutes etc. is required to control the quality of water & prevent scaling & internal rusting of pipe.


NinthWave  is a one stop complete solution provider for the requirements related to the measurement & treatment of water. We also do customization as per the customer’s requirement, like automation of chemical dosing to maintain pH, conductivity, Hardness in water, audio-visual alarm system for water quality & start-stop a process in case water quality is not upto the mark.


Polluted water is a gigantic threat to the environment as it can pollute water tables & hence can cause several diseases to the society. Waste water should be treated before being sent out of a plant to city severs, or used for gardening or cultivation as per the pollution control board guidelines. It is hence a social responsibility & imperative to treat waste water & have a record of water parameters, which is generally demanded & checked by Environmental bodies time to time. A monitoring system needs to be in place, so that the complete water treatment plant can be controlled from a single place.


We can provide complete package solution for waste water treatment right from different sensors like pH, Conductivity, Chlorine, TDS, Turbidity, BOD & COD analyzers etc. to control panels & software to monitor graphically the quality of water.

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