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Heat Metering Solutions

BTU Meters or heat meters are used very frequently in HVAC, Food & Beverage, Automobile university & other process plants to measure chilling unit efficiency.


BTU Meter or Heat Meters are used to measure the heat consumption of an Air Handler Unit in commercial buildings, Hotels, IT Parks & Malls etc. Heat Metering is a way to generate a legitimate bills based on the cooling consumption of a tenant. The other billing methods based on PSFT (per square feet), is generally getting obsolete, as the consumption of Air Handler Unit varies depending upon the heat load variation.


BTU billing is critical as it is complex to understand that what to bill, & how to bill. But under Ninth wave’s expert supervision, it has become easier for a biller or building owner to understand the technicality related to Heat Metering billing. Heat Metering system once installed makes everyday life of a maintenance engineer easy, as by looking a single screen, he will be able to find out where exactly is problem & can plan service activities accordingly.


NinthWave   provides a complete one stop solution for Heat Metering, right from BTU Meters, Integrators, Billing Software . Our expert team can also design or customize a solution based upon the requirement of a customer. Our billing software when integrated with the BTU Meter units can deliver the legitimate bills directly to the customer. It also checks current status of a meter & can find out if meter is having any technical issues. It shows the current consumption values of every individual meter, like flow (m3/hr), Supply water temperature (oC), Return water Temperature (oC), Current heat load (KW), etc.


By deducing the data from billing pattern & chilled water consumption, it becomes easier for an engineer to plan maintenance activities & also can achieve higher savings in electricity bills, by running Chillers in a more efficient manner.

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