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Flow Metering Solutions

Water, Air & Steam are precious resources for a process plant & their consumption is critical, as they are important for various processes in HVAC, Food & Beverages, cement, automobile, chemicals etc.


Production of these utilities is very expensive and an overhead to the companies. In order to maintain the efficient utilization of these utilities, continuous monitoring & control is required, so that the resources can be used effectively. Controlling of these resources is a big challenge, which every utility plant faces every day.


For those having hassles in measuring & control of these resources, NinthWave   comes with complete package products & solutions for them. We also ask our customers for their technical requirement & customize the solution which suits their requirement.

With our solutions, client is not only able to control the consumption of these utilities in a particular section of a plant but also can chart out the daily, monthly usage pattern of the utility in that section. This data can further be utilized in planning various plant related activities as well as effective & efficient utilization of these resources in any industry.


Customized Solutions Offered Are As Follows :

  • Water flow Monitoring & Control The water consumption pattern will help in controlling the wastage of this resource, as well as can be billed to any customer for the monthly consumption.
  • Compressed Air flow measurement & Control It is a universal fact that 15% of electricity is used in producing clean compressed air in any plant. By using this solution, consumption can be monitored, as well as air line ruptures can be traced, & hence wastage of air can be minimized which in turn will minimize the overall electricity bills. Solution can also give a brief idea about the health of air compressor plant.
  • Steam flow monitoring & Control Boilers are the heart & steam is the blood in any process industry. To keep them healthy, we need to monitor steam flow consumption in different parts of a plant. It keeps the efficiency of boiler system high & put a check on its fuel bills.

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